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Washington State law requires that each child attending school be adequately immunized according to a schedule determined by the Washington State Board of Health. Parents are asked to complete a Certificate of Immunization Status (CIS) when they register their child for school. Parents must provide the month, day and year for the required immunizations. Registration and attendance are contingent upon either adequate immunization or exemption from immunization.


The State Board of Health recently changed the school and child care immunization policy to require medically verified immunization records. These rules apply to all public and private schools and licensed child care centers in Washington state. Learn more here.


Immunization requirements for school attendance may be different than those requirements during an “outbreak” of actual vaccine preventable disease at school. The local regional health department determines when an outbreak is occurring and determines any additional requirements needed during the outbreak. For this reason, it is very important to continue reporting the dates of your child's immunizations since you completed the original CIS form when you registered your child. Dates can be reported to your child's school office.

Change in Immunization Record Keeping

Brewster School District is changing how we manage student immunization records. We are now using the School Module, an online system provided by the Washington State Department of Health.


The School Module allows us to quickly and efficiently check if your child has the vaccines required for school. This will save us time on finding and entering vaccination dates and free up time to work with students. This also provides a medically verified immunization record.

For full details, click here (Eng / Span).

Child Profile is a statewide registry system for immunization data which is provided by health care providers who administer immunizations. More health care providers are providing immunization data to this registry every year. Your child's health care provider may be able to print off a CIS form from this registry for you to sign and bring to school.

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