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Screenings are an important part of preventive health care in the school setting. Washington State law (WAC 246-760) requires schools to conduct auditory and visual screenings of children each year. Students K, 1, 2, 3, 5 and 7 are screened each year, as well as students that meet any of the following criteria:  students new to the school district, students receiving Special Education services, or when requested by parent, guardian, or school staff.

Hearing screening is done using equipment with tonal stimuli at 1000, 2000, and 4000 hertz (Hz) at a hearing level of 20 decibels (dB). Students who do not pass the hearing test are re-screened at a later date. Parents are notified by mail if their child does not pass the second screening.

Parents who DO NOT want their child screened will need to provide the school with a report or form signed by a licensed healthcare professional indicating that they have a had a comprehensive vision or auditory exam within the previous 12 months.

Please note that these screenings are to help identify vision or hearing deficits which could negatively impact your child’s learning and are in no way diagnostic. School screenings should never take the place of a comprehensive exam by a licensed specialist.


If your child did not pass their vision/hearing screening, you should have received a referral at your child’s conference in October.  A professional evaluation is recommended for students who do not pass their vision or hearing screenings.  If you have any questions about the results of your child’s screenings, please contact the school nurse. 

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