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Primeros y Primeras

The Primeros y Primeras club is about helping students on to college,by  raising money for scholarships. The advisor of Primeros and Primeras club is Marlen Guzman.

We attended LEAP conference at Olympia and Tacoma for 2 days straight, during these two days the group that goes is going to participate in civic engagement  workshops, community empowerment ,and advocacy in practice. LEAP is designed to equip with the tools and resources to become actively engaged leaders in their communities and to become advocates for better educational outcomes in their state.


We also participate in ¡La Chispa! every few years. We mentor students by helping them to build their self-confidence, strengthen their cultural identity and increase their academic success. Student success is largely dependent on three factors: positive adult role models, involvement in school and community service.

Olympia Leap Conference
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