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2024 Brewster School District Replacement Levy

Frequenty Asked Questions

·What is a levy?

A levy is a local property tax collected by school districts to fund the portion of education programs and operations that are not funded by the state. 

·Is there financial assistance available for property taxes?

Low-income seniors and people with disabilities, or other circumstances, may qualify for tax relief, exemption, or deferral. (Add Link)

·When is the current election?

February 13, 2024. Ballots must be postmarked by this date if mailed or returned to a ballot drop box by 8 p.m. on election day.

·If I don't want to mail in my ballot, where can I drop it off?

You can drop off your ballot at the following ballot drop box locations:

Okanogan County Auditor
149 3rd Ave N. Room 104
Okanogan, WA 98840 


Library, 108 S. 3rd St.,

Brewster, WA 98812


-Are these new taxes?

No, this is a replacement levy these are not new taxes. Our community has a long history of supporting our schools and filling the gap. Like many of us, Brewster School District is feeling the pinch of increasing costs for just about everything from cleaning supplies to textbooks. We also invest in staffing to ensure ample caring adults are in our schools keeping children safe and learning successfully.


-What will the EP&O Levy fund?

The renewed Educational Programs & Operation (EP&O) Levy will ensure continued funding of education enrichment activities and support that provide equitable opportunities for all students. This levy will impact our ability to provide adequate staffing to support health, safety, band, physical education, student transportation, and instructional positions, all of which also impact our enrichment programs including advanced courses, special education, athletics, English Language Learners, and more. 

·What happens if the renewal EP&O Levy doesn't pass?

The EP&O replacement levy represents about 11% of the district's overall budget. If the levy does not pass, the district will lose funding for staff and programs, including extracurricular activities, athletics, advanced courses, special education, student transportation, and English Language Learners programs. Local and federal funds fall short of covering the daily expenses of our community schools. More than 11% of the annual budget is dependent on contributions from local taxpayers. If the levy funding is not secured, the district will be compelled to make budget cuts by over 11%. Given that almost 80% of the budget is allocated to staffing costs, there is a significant risk of positions being eliminated. Your support in this matter is crucial to maintaining the quality of education in our district.

-Are Senior Citizens Exempt from Special Levy Taxes?

Some senior and disabled homeowners may be eligible for a property tax exemption, based on income.

For details call the Okanogan County Assessor’s Office at 509-422-7190 visit their website at

For more details call the Douglas County Assessors’ Office at 509-745-8521 or visit their website at

·When And Where Do I Vote?

Ballots will be mailed out January 23, 2024, they must be returned and post marked by February 13, 2024. 

The Election is certified on February 23, 2024.


·How Do I Register to Vote?

You can call the Brewster School District to assist you with voter registration at 509-689-3418. 

You can also call the County Assessor’s office to find out more information. 

Okanogan - 509-422-7190 and Douglas – 509-745-8521. 

You can register online by going to the County Assessor’s website.

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