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Brewster Middle School

Dear Parents, Families, and Friends


We are wrapping up a year we all would like to put behind us.  What started out closing the doors to in-person learning, then bringing students back in a hybrid format and Zooming at the same time. This put a strain on everyone involved, including staff, students, and parents.  We have turned another corner and have brought back all students to in-person learning.  The right thing to do. 

The incredible staff here at Brewster Middle School continues to work as a team to ensure that we get back on track and provide a great learning environment for each student.  Their commitment to the teaching profession is second to none in my mind.  It is a pleasure to have a staff that cares for their students and one another. 

Our students are also remarkable individuals, showing respect through out their day in the classroom and hallways.  Their schedule begins with Advisory period followed by four block periods.  The day ends with an enrichment period that has been widely accepted by all. 

As your principal, it continues to be important to me that everyone who enters our school building can feel the positive atmosphere within the walls.  We will continue to excel and rise to meet the challenges of our academic excellence in a positive, fun, and nurturing environment.

If you have any questions or would like to stop by and talk, please do.  It is important that the school and community work together to get the most out of our students.


Greg Austin

Brewster Middle School Principal

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