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2024 Brewster School District Replacement Levy

Levy Dollar Breakdown

Breaking down levy dollars:

Here's a projected breakdown of how the levy dollars are expected to be allocated, filling the gaps left by the state's underfunding to ensure our students receive the comprehensive education and enrichment as well as the support they deserve. Your support for this levy is an investment in the well-rounded development and success of our community's future leaders.

Breaking down what this levy pays for:

Most of this levy would pay for staff to maintain class sizes, to offer services the state doesn’t consider “basic education,” and to support our students. Below is an estimated breakdown of where the levy dollars are forecast to be spent to supplement underfunding by the state.


The levy funds the entirety of the

district’s General Fund spending

on athletics and activities — as

the state does not consider these

part of “basic education.”


The levy also pays for the

district’s student supervision and

security staff. The state provides

very little funding for safety

and security services.


Levy dollars are used for staff in

each and every school building

in our district, including

teachers, nurses, paraeducators,

counselors, and more.

*If voters approve this levy, the school district’s total tax rate including the replacement levy and bonds will be lower than it was in 2023.

Replacement Levy Amounts & Rates





 $ 1.6M

$ 1.7M

$ 1.7M

$ 1.8M

$ 2.25

$ 2.25

$ 2.25

$ 2.25

$ 1.72

$ 1.72

$ 1.72

$ 1.72

$ 3.97

$ 3.97

$ 3.97

$ 3.97

EP & O

EP & O

Existing Bond

Total Tax Rate*

*Future tax rates are estimates, rates are per $1,000 assessed property value per year. Levy amounts do not change.

The estimated tax rate could change if assessed property values change more or less than estimates, but EP & O rate is capped by the state at  & 2.50 /$1,000.

*Estimated cost per day for the owner of a *$ 250,000.00 home. (P/D was based on a 365-day year.


EP & O


$ 2.40

$ 2.01


$ 2.25

$ 1.72


$ 4.41

$ 3.97

EP & O
equivalent to:

$ 1.54

*Rate per $1,000.00 of assessed property value.

Breakdown of total Revenue Funding for the Brewster School District
for the fiscal year 2022-2023

The graph below depicts the sources of revenue for the Brewster School District. State, and General Purpose are the largest funding sources along with Special Purpose funding. For the 2022-23 fiscal year local taxes collected in the form of an EP & O Levy and Local Effort Assistance for accounted for approximately 11.91% of the district’s total funding.

Screenshot 2023-11-16 140455.png
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